My 10 Favorite Social Influencers

Recently, I have been very obsessed with that Instagram function where you can save pictures and create collections from it. How clever it is to gather all the things that inspire you in one file so you can check it again later. Despite I made the categories 'Food' and 'Puppy' first, when I moved to 'Fashion' and 'Interior' I had to first save posts from my favorite social influencers' account. I just knew there were contents, pictures I would always go back to to get inspired. This being done, I just thought it would be nice to actually share with you who my 10 most inspiring social influencers are. Photographers, bloggers, youtubers, I hope you can discover new talented and inspiring people.

source: alice_gao 

source: hamadahideaki

 source: ireneisgood



 source: imjennim

source: andyheart

source: majachocolat

Hope you enjoyed this list of talented people
Let me know who your favorite influencers are!

See you in the next post, xo


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