He Owes Me a Coffee consists in sharing thoughts on topics ranging from fashion to food. Discovering new spots, meeting people, coordinating clothes, baking chocolate pie or turning into a marmalade burrito in front of a movie – these are all embodiements of what warms up my heart, from exciting travels to basic student routine. Those kinds of little stories which make life crispier are the reasons I started blogging. Beside expressing myself through photography and words, it is a mean to witness a simplicity in life we often underestimate, an aesthetic in daily we barely forget to admire. I'm willing to make this blog a place where we can have a talk over a latte and a slice of carrot cake, all from our comfy sofas – good news, that's gluten-free!

Who is behind He Owes Me a Coffee?

I was born and raised in Paris, and grew up as a multicultural kid with a French father, a Japanese mother, an older sister and a fat ginger cat. I found a deep interest in cooking and baking at an early age, but I was way better at eating croissants than making them, and I surely became since then the pastry, ice cream, doughnut - everything that includes sugar addict I am. Receiving my first camera put me into food photography and I started exchanging with people around the world through the Instagram community back in 2011. Beside this, I have always being caught by fashion industry (except I mess up with stylists names and brands) and clothes were a mean to express my personnality when I couldn't speak out loud. I strongly believe fashion can change people by giving them confidence and highlighting their inner beauty. My quietness and optimism are reflected in a casual style I try to keep elegant and personal, and I stand for ''blouses never go wrong with lipstick''. When I'm not studying or spending time in cozy cafés, indulging myself little treats, I love watching movies and series in bed and crying over them - you certainly feel me. If you love matcha, soy yogurt, avocado and prawn, if you never miss breakfast and teatime, and if your Ipod is full of Ed Sheeran's songs, then we're definitely soulmates.


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