Last Taste of Summer

It's mid-October and the fact I every morning send the same ''Can't I stay a little bit longer in bed?'' snap can only be justified by one thing: Autumn. Season to wrap in long vests, wear skinny jeans with sneaker, beautiful muted colors on, season to drink warm cocoa and eat walnut pies. That was what I had miticulously planned, and when I do so, things tend to go wrong. Yes, summer had decided to last three extra weeks in Seoul so I couldn't switch to my sad ballad playlists until last weekend. Also should I have taken it as a sign to wait before putting some taupe lipsticks on, maybe. So we had to find great reasons to accept this never ending summer. First, helping yourself two cups of iced coffee without guilt. Second, charging with vitamin D before winter. Third, wearing skirts without looking like a ferret braving the cold in mid-automn just for fashion. So with my devoted outfit photographer, cheese-lover and now flatmate C., we walked around the neighbourhood on a 30° afternoon to capture my last summer look - something casual and comfy.

Go for it, denim fits everybody. Whoever said that should have count me out. I have always find it hard to find a nice denim shirt, and even more difficult to coordinate it with other clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love how it matches other texture (especially, denim-wool couple), but, let's suppose I found a not too fitted shirt, then comes the next struggle of choosing the color. You cannot put names on all these tints of blue, but you exactly know which one you're looking for. Lighter than this, but darker than that. It's just feelings. I was actually helping my friend finding a shirt when I found one in the almost exact faded indigo I wanted, in a quite loose shape. My natural reaction was the same as when someone offers me a free donut – ok, I'll take it.

All denim can been an option for a casual, daily outfit. Models always look stunning when they wear denim as both top and bottom, especially a sheepskin jacket with a rich purple lipstick. So I tried to coordinate it with a jean but it only took me ten minutes to have my confidence crushed: I looked like a 90s' teenager who likes hanging with her crew, box of popcorn as midnight craving. So I thought a high waisted skirt would counter balance the looseness, keep it classic and give a less teen-looking look. I opted for a white/black striped shirt that I wore as a skirt, but lately I wear this denim shirt with a black fitted long skirt and it looks much better.

One of my favorite item this summer was without doubt this pair of white sandals. Since I started working last winter as a retailer, I got used to only wearing flat as being comfy is the best when you're required to stand and run all day. Thing is, even after stopping my part-time job, I barely wear heels anymore. So this is not a surprise I went for some flat again. I needed something open toe as you can't survive summer without lemon-ade everyday and fresh air from head to toe. I actually love how simple these sandals are, two large straps and a hoop loop holding the feet firmly, nothing more. It's neat and not overloaded. 

Another item I bought this summer is this toffee round bag. I only had pouches and tote bags so I needed a little side bag with a strap to carry my phone and wallet. I was seeking for a that one bag which looks like a quickly wrapped birthday present when the gift is unfortunately not in a box and you have no idea how to wrap unsquared things. A kind a mini santa claus sack, in a cute, side bag version. I only found it at ÅLAND, but it was a little too big, so I went for this round bag instead. Again a simple design. Beside the camel color, what convinced me what the moving strap allowing you to adjust the lenght. The size is perfect and it matches any long shirt one piece, as well as daily sweat/jean outfit.


How do you usually coordinate a denim shirt?

The weather got chilly these last days so this outfit is a bit out of season
Now time to drink with dark chocolate mocha and put beanies on!


  1. you are gorgeous *^* i really don't see why you don't want to show your face 。・o・。 let me be your photographer for your next photoshoots, you'll be amazed by my great photography skills (don't be fooled by my ugly insta photos, i take much better portraits~!). and of course i won't accept you cropping your face out ۹⌤

    1. Laura,
      Thank you for your oh-so-sweet comments, you've no idea how much it touches me. I would be more than happy if you could help me with my next fashion shots, I feel you will catch the kind of candid and natural photos I want. Let's definitely plan that! (I'll try not to crop my face, I'll). And let's also go on some tart-hunting excursions, that sounds nice. I'm really excited to working together on new projects!

  2. also, the shirt-turned-skirt is a cool idea *o* you should definitely post more articles of your daily looks~

    (also, i really really like the 9th pic *^*)


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