Culottes pants and ice cream please

If you ask the difference between a fennec and me, I'll tell you that it bears heat better than I do (but, I can eat ten hazelnut popsicles quicker than it). Summer has finally made its way to Paris, and even if my body is immunized to humid, sticky Japanese summers, I'll complain French people don't know about AC  - or they don't turn it on – and it's too hot. Now what's better than ice cream and a light outfit to feel cooler? Quite nothing for sure. Summer fashion is great as you can go out with a basic tee, a plain skirt and some cute sandals, you'll still rock it. Bring it up with a small backpack or a put-everything-in tote bag, and you're ready to travel light, fresh and comfy.

I would call myself more of a winter fashion enthusiastic to be honest – if you know me, you surely noticed I always hide in long coats and big scarves, but I also love dresses and pouches when summer days come by. Today I'm sharing one of my relaxed summer outfit, wide pants and loafers on, ideal for anyone going for outdoor meetups. But, let's not lie, we would rather stay home all day on that no-makeup, large tank top and no-bras situation, with a box of chocolate cookies.

Wide pants definitly re-became a thing since a year or two. From cotton culottes to boyfriend denims or mom's jeans, our legs ask for looseness. And yes, it feels better. I went from basic black cottons bought online which were too tight, to two-size bigger ripped jeans hold by a belt before finding the type of wide pants I like (don't take the larger size option, you won't have the shape). I bought a navy culottes from Zara last fall after a year of envying my friend rocking this style with elegance. The wider, the better. I first wasn't that confident to wear them, then slowly some days you start thinking Hey, maybe I look cool, and some others you're like Whatever, it's comfy.

 I got that beige culotte from a Korean online store to change from my usual denim  palette. Going for a lighter shade definitely gives a fresher touch for summer, and I like its lenght allowing me to wear sneakers without having a heavy look. I went for a basic gray striped t-shirt with a little heart on it, à la bug-eyed heart de Comme des Garçons, but maybe a crop top or a off-shoulder top would be great.

I talked about sneakers earlier, and I longly hesitated before putting on these pretty loafers instead that I'm sticking with since my sophomore year. I would say they go well with any type of pants, especially with skinny jeans, but with culottes it underlines the chic touch. Plus it's flat, comfy and safe when if it rains. Otherwise, I would say Stan Smith or other thin sneakers are classics if you don't feel risky, but going for ankle strapped high heels is definitly the most elegant way to wear wide pants. It will make your legs appear longer, thinner, and highlight your feminity. Just make sure you're not going to an amusement park that day, ask for a spaghetti date, it's safer.

So a pair of wide pants is a great piece to own, it's nice to sometimes have a break from too tight denims. No rule says you can't be elegant and comfy at the same time, right? Now you can look like a chic woman busy checking mails on her phone when what you're doing is catching another wriggling Pidgey. It's ok, you're still chic!

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photo credit: Clem


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