Spring Haul

Much like most people these days, I'm very excited by the simple thought of summer. It has been very hot these last few weeks here in Paris that all we dream about is an afternoon by the pool with a watermelon juice and some cool slippers – am I not right? Yet, it's D-3 to summer which means it's actually still SPRING. And while I didn't have any specific things that got my eyes heart-shaped this season, I thought it would be interesting to share some products I bought over the past spring months instead. A kind of mix-mix between Favorites and my shopping basket. Like mixing salad and meat, which makes me think of tacos so I like it.


I'm starting this haul with a very summery item but as soon as I saw this adorable net bag from Muji*, I knew I wanted to buy it. The size is quite small if you're used to carrying hundred of things like I do, but I just thought it would be perfect for short leave with only wallet and phone and maybe help focusing more on its minimalist and essential function. Net bags are pretty everywhere this year and very affordable, coming in different colors, and if you don't feel fancy to carry it around or you're like my sister who thinks 'It's only to put shells in', then put shells in. Or fruits, that's still cute.

*I'm not sure if it was a collaboration or a limited edition but I unfortunately couldn't find any link to it.


The two next products are also from Muji – honestly, how comes out from the shop with only one product in hands? My skin has been very irritated at the beginning of spring because of stress and new skincare products I was using so I felt the urge to go back to more natural, chemical free products. I picked the avocado glycerine soap as glycerol is non-toxic and is said to improve smoothness (and I just love avocado), but I honestly haven't tried it yet. I guess I love Muji packaging so much I feel the soap will somehow lose its charm. I also bought the beating net to go together, that I'll be able to re-use with another soap later.

Another beauty products I bought this spring are from the new L'Oréal Pure Clay mask collection: I got the black Detox mask (clays + charcoal) and the green Purify mask (clay + eucalyptus). I was first thinking of getting the Dr.Jart+ clay mask tube at Sephora but I was at the grocery store and just thought I should give these guys a try. They are easy to apply, easy to wash-off, and are not greasy. I really love the charcoal detox one better – eucaly can be a bit itchy for sensitive skin –, it detoxifies and clarifies your skin, giving an immediate plump, vibrant and glowy look. In just 10 minutes, your skin really looks brighter and radiant.

 IKEA WHITE MUG  | sostrene grene GOLD FORK  |  Me gusta BLUE BOWL  |  GLASS PLATE

Another of my big love stories if not the one for shrimp pasta is my love for tableware. I'm not even joking when I say I've about 70 different mugs with half of them being Moomins mugs. I just find it mesmerizing to be in a tableware shop, looking at all the shapes, colors, patterns, all the plates, mugs and bowls. I got these 4 items over the last month and I've been in love with this blue bowl that I mostly use to put edamame beans or fruit salads. Its Japanese vibes reminds me of Hasami tableware that is absolutely beautiful. I also got that transparent glass plate that I thought would be nice for some cold noodles or quinoa salad.

Talking about mugs, I couldn't not talk about these Clipper tea bags I discovered this spring. It seems pretty famous in the UK but I'm not sure it is that much in France – or am I late? I first got the lemon & ginger infusion because the packaging was just so appealing I had to pick it. It turned out to be perfect as an afternoon drink, strong enough, not too bitter. The ''Divine Digestion'' one made of mint, peppermint, fennel and licorice might not sound the most delicious for an infusion – especially if you, like me, don't like licorice – but the pack of 20 bags being almost empty prooves that it's actually very tasty, light and working. This minty infusion really helps me feeling less bloated after a heavy meal, so if you tend to eat too much for dinner like I do, definitely give these a try!



The very last purchases I'll talk about are these two books by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have been wanting to buy Big Magic for ages as it approaches the subject of creativity and infusing our lives with passion and art which is very interesting and inspiring to me. I'm actually keeping this one for summer holidays when I'll have more free time to really dig into it. I also got the Eat, pray, love : one women's search for everything accross Italy, India and Indonesia which has been #1 New York Times bestseller. Honestly, I'm not much the type of girl reading bestsellers, I'm more into psychological essays. But even if it's from 2006, this one got me interested as I have been freaking in love with Italy these last months and discovering bits of India and Indonesia between the lines must be great too. So far I've only read a quarter of the book but I love it. It doesn't much focus on the different journeys but more on her inner travel – how she felt leaving a husband, a home country and a successful carrer, how she dealed with divorce and depression, her search for any kind of spirituality. It is beautifully written with humour and lightness, in a insightful and inspiring way.

Hope you enjoyed this spring haul /favorites,
though it was maybe in a little mess just throwing what I bought.
Let me know if you want more of this kind of post,
and I see you in my next one! xoxo


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